Revision doors (certificate / technical sheets)

Sanitary support (technical sheet) 


Drywall hangers
Technical sheet

pdf ikoT-20-0001 / Profile bracket 60 mm
pdf ikoT-20-0002 / Adjusting rocker bar 60 mm
pdf ikoT-20-0003 / Cross connector bended CD60
pdf ikoT-20-0004 / Section connector CD60
pdf ikoT-20-0005 / Section connector CD60 - arch
pdf ikoT-20-0006 / Quickhanger bracket CD60
pdf ikoT-20-0007 / Cross connector straight CD60
pdf ikoT-20-0008 / Suspension wire with eyelet - 6 mm
pdf ikoT-20-0009 / Suspension wire with hook
pdf ikoT-20-0010 / Suspension wire with arch - 8 mm
pdf ikoT-20-0011 / Suspension wire with eyelet - 8 mm
pdf ikoT-20-0016 / Connection angles UA - 1.50 mm
pdf ikoT-20-0017 / Connection angles UA - 2.00 mm
pdf ikoT-20-0028 / Quickhanger bracket CD60 - 4-point
pdf ikoT-20-0045 / Direct hanger BA-BS
pdf ikoT-20-0046 / Cross connector BA-BS
pdf ikoT-20-0047 / Quickhanger bracket BA-BS
pdf ikoT-20-0048 / Angle bracket BA-BS
pdf ikoT-20-0050 / Section connector BA-BS
pdf ikoT-20-0051 / Nonius cotter
pdf ikoT-20-0052 / Profile bracket 50 mm
pdf ikoT-20-0053 / Chevron hanger PC60
pdf ikoT-20-0054 / Cross connector bended PC60
pdf ikoT-20-0055 / Section connector PC60
pdf ikoT-20-0065 / Suspension wires with acoustic rubber
pdf ikoT-20-0066 / Profile bracket with acoustic sylomer
pdf ikoT-20-0067 / Cross connector with acoustic sylomer
pdf ikoT-20-0068 / Suspension sets H+H
pdf ikoT-20-0076 / Nonius bottom part
pdf ikoT-20-0078 / Nonius bottom part with security
pdf ikoT-20-0079 / Nonius bottom part 4-point
pdf ikoT-20-0082 / Nonius upper part
pdf ikoT-20-0083 / Nonius extender
pdf ikoT-20-0084 / Nonius connector
pdf ikoT-20-0089 / Beam clamp


Drywall accessories
Technical sheet

pdf ikoT-20-0056 / Foam tapes
pdf ikoT-20-0057 / PVC finishing profile

Other documents


pdf iko CQS certificate(ISO)

pdf iko IQnet certificate

pdf iko EZU certificate



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