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The company deals mainly with the manufacturing of metal connection parts and inspection doors (standard or atypical dimensions) and sanitary supports for drywall systems. All these products are made on stamping tools from our tool-production workshop. We use material DX51 – Z100 in various thicknesses according to the type of product (0.55 mm / 0.80 mm / 1.00 mm / 1.20 mm / 1.50 mm / 2.00 mm). Also we can offer additional products for drywall system (screws, tapes, sealants, plugs, insulation, etc...).

Suspension elements

We offer a wide range of suspension elements for drywall system from our production. You can find elements of the system 60 mm, 50 mm and 45 mm. Besides the standard features, there are also available acoustic hangers (hanger with rubber), which serves to reduce a noise in a room, etc ...
We have a complete product range for the installation of a drywall system for ceiling and wall.



We are also able to produce an atypical sizes for following products, according to requirements from our customers:

Suspension wire with eyelet 6 mm
Suspension wire with eyelet 8 mm
Suspension wire with arch 8 mm
Bent wire with an eye 8 mm
Suspension wire with hook
Nonius upper part
Direct hanger CD 60



Revision doors

This is an elegant, simple and cheap solution with a high quality and fast installation, suitable for already finished drywall and masonry structures. The doors are made of an aluminium profiles, joined by welding , which guarantees a solid corners. A standard version has Gypsum board fixed to the inner frame using a high-strength adhesive, which ensures quick and easy rebinding.

The self-drilling screws can be used at the request of the customers and also it is used for a larger dimension of the doors.
We are able to produce revision doors in different designs and atypical dimensions. Necessity is to follow the correct instalation procedure in order to avoid a possible problems with opening. Also it is very important to provide all relevant information in your inquiry and order.

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Aluminium doors without fire resistance:

Classic/Dustproof/Double-winged/Acoustic/Masonry (ordinary/dustproof)/Mineral/
Possibillity of preparation for ceramic tiles for all revision doors expect minerals ones.
Standard dimensions: 200 x 200/300 x 300/400 x 400/500 x 500/600 x 600


Metal door without fire resistance:

White/stainless steel/HUP (ventilation)
Standard dimensions: 200 x 200/300 x 300/400 x 400/500 x 500/600 x 600


Aluminum doors with fire resistance:

Wall/Ceiling/Wall SDK

Preparation for ceramic tile for doors into the wall and masonry
Standard dimensions: 200 x 200/300 x 300/400 x 400/500 x 500/600 x 600/600x800

Metal doors with fire resistance:

Wall-masonry/ceiling/stainless steel
Standard dimensions: 300 x 300/400 x 400/500 x 500/600 x 600/700x700


Sanitary supports

The sanitary supports are produced by compression molding and sheet metal sections of „ C“ shape, which are after welding protected with yellow (standard) or blue (on request) galvanized zinc.  It is used for attaching the sink, faucet, pipe, radiator, etc .... They are designed for installation into the UA or CW profiles (50/75/100mm) or into the masonry.
RKWC bidet


We produce sanitary supports for:

- sink tap-faucets
- batteries and pipes
- boilers/heaters
- pipeline
- sinks with faucet
- wash basins with top faucet
- fastening TOILET
- bidet



Other products

In our range, you can find also other products for a drywall system, which can be integral part in each of the wall or the ceiling instalation.
This includes the following materials:
Screws (TN, FN, TX, TEX, Cetris ®)
Nail plugs (classic, KEW, HSD, ZHOP etc...)
Tapes (double-sided, masked, metalized, adhesive, etc.)
Sealants (Rokofinal, Rokoplast, Uniflot)
Insulation (Base profiles, nail plugs, laths)