Historymaskot paleta

TAMADEX  was founded in 1990 as a physical company (consortium), dealing in metal, especially pressing works with cooperation for the Czech and foreign partners. Since 1994, the company extended its production with a new range of metallic elements for drywall systems. In 2000, a company TAMADEX spol. s r.o. was established, which followed the physical activity of TAMADEX firm.


TAMADEX is traditional Czech manufacturer and supplier however we also export to European countries.

Spain / France / Belgium / Netherlands / Germany / Switzerland / Italy / Austria / Finland / Estonia / Latvia / Lithuania / Poland / Slovakia / Hungary / Romania / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Slovenia / Serbia / Greece



The company deals mainly with the manufacturing of metal connection parts and inspection doors for drywall systems. Another focus is product assembly, cold stamping and finally the production of bending and cutting tools in the tool-making workshop.


Fast deliveries of goods, production of atypical size inspection doors and metal construction elements, technical support and individual approach to each of our customer is very important for the company. To our foreign partners we also offer neutral packaging and custom labeling as required.