The bracket is used for a quick mounting of drywall, steel profiles CD 60 into a horizontal construction of the building. It is produced by compression molding of rolled, galvanized metal sheet with thickness of 0,80 mm and single spring clip.

The installation is done by rotating the bracket into the profile and subsequent hanging on the suspension wire which allows a quick and easy levelling of the construction.

Quick hanger rotary CD
Packaging: 100 ks
Catalog / order number: TMD-4120
The recommended load of the bracket is 0.40 kN.

This product is a cheaper alternative to a Quick hanger four – point. Among the other benefits of this product is that it can be used instead of Quick hanger and Quick hanger rounded. Compared to these products it has a higher load and an easier and faster installation. It is suitable for a fireproof ceiling 2 x 12,5 mm thanks to its load.