Certifikovaný systém řízení jakosti & Certified Management System  

is certified ISO 9001:2008




Company was established in 1990 like consortium with name TAMADEX dealing with metalworking,especially pressing works with co-operate metal pressing pieces for Czech and foreign companies.


letecký záběr na TAMADEX Velký DřevíčIn 1992 started new production for energetics. In the ending of 1993 was extended production program for fixing components for plumbers.


Since 1994 we started new production program- metal components for drywall system.


TAMADEX spol s r.o. (ltd) was found in the 2000 to followed activity of consortium TAMADEX. 


Next we focus at production of dietools,electroerosion and CNC machining, pressing works, assembling of product and production of inspection doors bothfor drywall and masonry construction. 

TAMADEX is traditional manufacturer and suplier domestic market,

but we do export also to many European countres.  

Tamadex export range map





Logo new


Dear business partners,


we would like to wish you a lot of health, satisfaction and success in 2016. This year, we have prepared several news, of which you will be informed according to current state. First, we would like to introduce our new business logo and sign. We have altered our logo to keep it up to the date, which will represent us from this moment.

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